Adventure. Romance. Magic. A dancing skeleton. A dark enchantress.

For centuries, the portal to another dimension remained closed. Now, it is mysteriously open again (wow!), and the link between Earth and Heartstone allows us to journey once more to this magical realm.

This series features wordplay and puns and plenty of cultural references. Reminiscient of Piers Anthony’s Xanth series and Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, but for a more adult audience.

Welcome to Heartstone

Book 1

After a horrible run of bad luck and betrayal that lands him in deep depression, Arwin stumbles into a whole new world, one of fantasy and magic, and a few puns. After helping out a couple of beautiful damsels in distress, he sets out to help free the good people of the local Blue Village from their malicious blue-blood overlords. 

Leaving the Blue Region, Arwin meets Yaz, an animated, talking skeleton and the become fast friends. Arwin joins Yaz on a thousand year quest to rescue the skeleton’s long-lost love, a princess. But before they get very far, they’re sidetracked by a tribe of delectable nymphs and a nest of foul goblin kin.

The adventure, one of many to follow, is just the thing he needs to help him recover and move on. If he can survive.

The Dark Enchantress

Book 2

Captured and taken to a lonely castle, deep in a swamp, Arwin and Yaz are made prisoners by the legendary Dark Enchantress, rumoured to be one of the most powerful and evil beings in the land.

She unexpectedly shows an interest in this exotic prisoner from a foreign world. So Arwin figures the only way to escape is to get on her good side, seduce her, and then run.

That plan quickly goes awry when he finds himself developing real feelings for her. Does she feel the same?

You’ll get excited. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry.*

(*Ok, you probably won’t cry. Unless you hurt yourself while reading a book, and that’s pretty difficult to do. Unless you get a paper cut. But considering you’re probably reading it in ebook form, our legion of lawyer-doctor-scientists is relatively sure that you won’t get any paper cuts in the reading of these novels on your smart phone. Unless you’re walking and using the phone at the same time and that’s just dangerous for everyone, so stop it.)

The Heartstone Universe

Deadly, garrulous dragons; mysterious magic and brilliant science coming together to create magical science; humour and hilarious puns; multi-coloured elves; a sexy nurse-shark; hidden tributes to pop and historical culture (can you find them all?); rousing tales of adventure; an evil but gorgeous spider queen; bone-crunching ogres; legions of undead hungry for brains; the delicious gingerbread man; a naughty fairy who wants to see the world; and, of course, all kinds of hot nymphs.


This fantasy universe was inspired by high-fantasy worlds such Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), notably Forgotten Realms, as well as the unique and brilliant works of Piers Anthony, whose pun-based adventures take place in the awesome world of Xanth. (Go read his books!)

The world of Heartstone includes some silly comedy, fun adventure and a little romance and drama all mixed together. And, if we’re lucky, there’s a kernel or two of intriguing wisdom lurking within the pages that might just make you think.

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