Mina Murray and Jonathan Harker are in love, and soon to be wed. It’s an exciting time; two good souls full of hopes and dreams. Neither has any idea of the evil darkness waiting just around the corner.

With a fond farewell and promises to return, Jonathan departs the safe, modern confines of London, England and journies to the shadowed reaches of the old continent: Transylvania.

It’s a place of superstitions and secrets, old ways, old peoples and old monsters. To Jonathan, it’s an adventure and he looks forward to quickly returning to his beloved Mina. But his new client, Count Vlad Dracula, has other plans. Diabolic, secret, deadly plans. For little does the good, young solicitor know, his client is an ancient and powerful vampire. And Jonathan is his key to a new kingdom of blood and riches.

Mina waits…and waits. But will her dearest Jonathan ever return? There’s only one thing for certain:

Dracula is coming!

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