The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Though the night was dark and dismal, Ichabod could now make out what the apparition was. A large horseman sat mounted on a terrible jet-black stallion, a beast whose flanks rippled with muscle, so tall and heavy that he dwarfed Gunpowder as if the latter were just a colt. When he snorted, angry puffs of steam emerged, and he glared at Ichabod with eyes that glowed a malevolent crimson. The man above seemed to watch Ichabod, though the schoolmaster couldn’t say for certain. That was because the man had no head!

Washington Irving’s classic tale remade. This short story features Ichabod Crane as he contends with rakish Abraham Van Brunt for the hand of gorgeous Katrina Van Tassel, ultimately culminating in his encounter with the legendary Headless Horseman!

Her name was Katrina Van Tassel. A very beautiful, blooming lass freshly eighteen, she was the only child of Sleepy Hollow’s most successful farmer. Possessed of voluptuous, eye-grabbing curves, she was as ripe, mouth-watering and rosy-cheeked as one of her father’s peaches. She was a flirt, both in her manner and her fashion, which she chose in order to show off the best of her ample charms. She adorned herself only in gold jewelry, heirlooms handed down from her great-great-grandmother.

One look at this ravishing beauty was all it took to capture the entirety of a man’s attention and leave him oblivious to every other woman. Once she fluttered her long eyelashes at you, you were absolutely smitten. Only a swift hour passed in her presence, bathing in her charming and delightful personality, left men walking on clouds afterwards, their dreams immeasurably sweeter for a week or more. Men performed great deeds just to win a single smile and every day brought new gifts, or eagerly ran to perform even the slightest service for her. She never needed to open a door for herself, and always found a ready hand to lift her into a carriage or carry even the most trifling bags. Why, Katrina might have made Helen of Troy herself green with envy at having commanded such male attention.

Relive the autumn of 1790 and steep yourself in the sights, sounds and smells of bountiful Sleepy Hollow and its curses. Feel Ichabod’s bone-shaking fear as he travels through the haunted forest and comes face to face with his worst nightmare!

The demon steed lowered his head dangerously and glared. Steam hissed from flaring nostrils. The Headless Horseman pulled sharply on the reins and the stallion reared high. His front hooves lashes at the air while the Horseman whipped a long, shining saber from the scabbard at his waist. Cackling maniacally, even without a mouth to do so, he waved the bare blade wildly in the air. It gleamed wickedly, a deadly shaft of pure, razor-sharp moonlight wielded by a creature of malevolent darkness.


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