Sappy Romantic Poetry

Sappy Romantic Poetry


This is a collection of extremely flowery and sappy, sometimes funny, words penned in the emotional and untempered flush of my youth. Finding these is the digital equivalent of rediscovering an old shoe box of memories under the bed, dusting them off, and stepping back in time. And then your eyes going wide, your face turning red with embarrassment and exclaiming, “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe that was me!”

I wrote most of these within the space of about three or four years. It was just as I was first out on my own as a single man, and then into the years of my first love and relationship. Some are inspired by real life and people. Many were gifts for former lovers and girlfriends, especially when I fell in love for the first time. Some are just figments of creative imagination.


Why Publish This?

It’s a window in time, a chance to experience the emotional turbulence of one’s first forays into romance and love. Perhaps some of the things I have written will tug a heartstring. Maybe one will make you think. Maybe a couple will make you chuckle, if not by intention at least when you think WTF and leave you laughing. Don’t worry, no need to take it seriously. I don’t claim any great skill or design.

Also on that note, I tend not to follow rules of poetry very well. Because I hate rules. Silly things that get in the way when I don’t want them too. Also, I never trained in writing poetry, so I don’t know the rules. Perhaps it’s something I should look into.



Table of Contents

Part 1

  1. Appreciation
  2. Her Name
  3. Sometimes
  4. Our Christmas
  5. Her
  6. Not Enough
  7. One Night Only
  8. Lover
  9. Deception 1
  10. Deception  2

Part 2

  1. Within Me, Her Laughter
  2. My Little White Rose
  3. Elegant Summer Afternoon
  4. Breathe
  5. You
  6. Valentine
  7. Elegant Dinner
  8. Infatuation
  9. Infatuation 2
  10. Infatuation 3

Part 3

  1. Affection’s Demise
  2. A Final Farewell
  3. Joy
  4. Gift
  5. Her Eyes
  6. Women
  7. Perhaps
  8. My Love For You
  9. Lady Night
  10. Lovers

Part 4

  1. Hey, Sparkles
  2. Amazing Woman
  3. A Candle For Her
  4. Get Up
  5. Summer Rain
  6. Her Smile
  7. A Christmas Card
  8. Mi Artiste Favorita
  9. Jacket
  10. Her Words

Part 5

  1. Untitled
  2. Affection’s Farewell
  3. Blossoms
  4. Leave Me
  5. Mistress Mine
  6. A Beautiful Date
  7. Good Morning Heartache
  8. Delusions
  9. Exotic
  10. That Girl

Part 6

  1. Winter Hero
  2. Your Eyes
  3. To Live Again
  4. Fall, In Love
  5. Merry Christmas, My Love
  6. The Beautiful Photographess


Part 1

AppreciationLove Romance 1

Sometimes I don’t show
Just how much I appreciate
How much she’s done for meHow she grew her hair long
How she got new glasses
All the sexy things she now wears
The thongs, g-strings, skirts and dresses
How she will spend all day on a bus to visit
When it makes her stomach swirl
All the little things and big gifts she makes
That time she went swimming
When she hated the water
All the times we had sex
Sometimes not very gentle
The birth control problems
And every time she swallows
I know how much she cares for me
That her love is true

I’m never on time
I always leave her waiting
I’m always after her sex
And I spank her cute tushy
I try to tell her I love her
But there’s just not enough mushy
I wish she’d believe me
That even if I can’t show it just right
That I don’t mean to be careless
I’m just a crude man without style
I don’t mean to hurt her
I just wish that she’d realize I love her
Once in a while

Then again, maybe she’s right
Love is a verb
And I need to take better action



Her NameLove Romance 2

Just because you cannot decipher this riddle
Within these lines your mind cannot grasp
One clue placed one after the other
Her good name is written as plainly as day
Such ardor as mine could read it anywhere
For us our love cannot be hidden from the other



SometimesLove Romance 3

Sometimes she fights
Sometimes she bickers
Sometimes she nags
Sometimes she frets
Sometimes she worries
Sometimes she cries
Sometimes she makes fun of me
Sometimes she makes me frustrated
Sometimes she makes me want to lick her all over
And smother her with kisses
And wrap my arms around her and never let her go
We fight, we make up, and that’s the best part.
Because, always I love her.



Our ChristmasLove Romance 4

Sunshine and snowflakes
Candles and songs
Sting of cold air, rush of heat
Fireplaces roaring, trees all decorated
Lights like rainbows all ‘round
Christmas is a merry time
Of good hope and sharing
I think of loved ones, my heart full of caring
I met her one winter
I have never left her since
I’ve shared every Christmas
With someone I love more than any
She makes the fire warmer
The turkey more filling
The songs more uplifting,
The lights dance even brighter
I struggle to find her gifts
While she buries me in plenty
I wish for Christmas
I could wrap up my heart
With the paper of my soul
Make my commitment the bow
My life the card
And address it, To You
For you, forever,
From Me



HerLove Romance 5

Like a fine, bold wine
Sweet, luxuriant, heady
Only gets better with time



Not EnoughLove Romance 6

My gifts feel so paltry and poor
My manners feel like that of a boor
She is so amazing, loving and caring
Always talking, her whole life sharing
I’m so undisciplined, so unrefined
Sometimes it must seem that I’m damned unkind
I try, but relationships are not yet my thing
Sex and companionship are the only things I bring
I’m too crude, too physical, too mannish
Most of my sentiments so hammish
I couldn’t write sweet poetry if my life depended on it
I am hopless with ryhme, meter and sonnet
Pat her twice on the tush and that would prove true
My feelings for her when she’s in the room
And she’d understand my feelings indeed bloom
But I guess that’s just not romantic.



One Night OnlyLove Romance

The sun is weaker without you to shine upon
The winds are quiet without your hair to play with
The air is dusty, the sweetness of spring has dried
There’s a feeling deep inside of me that is a coiled little ball
A part of my soul suddenly bright and overwhelming
Now gone, a piece of me has withered
I am baffled by this loss for which my heart should have no right
I only knew you a few brief moments
One sensational night
Where we found joy in an unexpected place
Where we laughed, we drank, and we danced until we could not stand
I hardly know anything about you
Just what moves you, what sets your pulse on fire
Not even your full name
I used to daydream of many things
But since that night
For I think only of you



LoverLove Romance pink flowers

Hair of midnight
Eyes of fire
Body of an angel
Voice of a lyre



Deception 1love-kiss-disney-aladdin

Voice of a girl
Body of a woman
Manners of a lady
Soul of a monster



Deception  2couple wedding beach flowers

Weeping tears of sorrow,
Tongue wet with sadness,
Body mournfully neglected,
and as your face is turned
Eyes shine with glee.

Table of Contents

Part 2


Within Me, Her Laughtercouple beach love romance

Oh say, love, say!
Of happiness found pouring forth
Champagne bubbles that enshrine mine heart
Of thy sun shining laughter dancing
Cry out!

Every particle my body holds
Vibrates utter ecstasy at the sound
Sweet sublime of harmonies heavenly
The notes fashioning a thousand symphonies
Frolicking amid the chords of mine soul
Each sung with the ardor of a goddess

Oh say, love, say
Flutter on coloured dove wings
Blazing a trail of scorching reds and golds
Streaking frosty blues and silvers
While the shimmering green of life permeates

A rich satin wine on which to quench my thirst
Flavour gushing – a wet caress
Tastes of pristine passion and excitement
Cool flames flowering my palate

I cherish the sway and swirling play
Of such wonderful emotion



My Little White RosePepe-Le-Pew-And-Penelope-pepe-le-pew-23792333-500-239

Her fragrance rich and sweet
Yet airy light it makes my head spin
So delicate so fragile, a splendor of intricacies
Yet simply elegant, with a bold purity
She makes me laugh with exultant delight
Touch her the wrong way, she makes my heart bleed
This rose is an unforgiving creature
To hand her rage is to as for trouble
Strong enough to repair any wounds
She never stops growing
The essence of beauty radiates from her heart
At first a tender bud tightly wrapped
When she unfurls her soul and stands naked before you
You have earned the trust of an angelic treasure
Care and nurture this rose I will for as long as I’m able
For its freshness is never ending
Further filled with life than anyone else I’ve ever known
Let my love flow through you
My little white rose



Elegant Summer Afternoonlove romance couple kissing

Stone, splash, immersed
Ripples in the pool
Water soft and gentle
Daylight clear and cool

Goldfish glide without fear, serene
Two faces shine
Smiles reflected back at us
Yours and mine

Shade of the cherry tree
Friendship a beautiful tune
Sharing time
Elegant summer afternoon



Breathecouple holding hands beach

If only I could be
One with my angel
Wouldn’t it be eternally
Sweet to drink her kisses like wine
To consume her love
As I would a glorious feast
Breathe her very essence
And hold it there in my chest
Let it soak into my soul
Feel it course in my veins
And cloak myself in the miracle
Of her passion



Youhearts love romance

In my life
Are a wild burst
Of vivid colour, beautiful magic,
And exotic excitement.




Kiss the rhyme penned in her name. Her shining eyes
Silky in their softness, like her velvet touch, will
Admirably perceive her own musical name nestled on the page,
The beginning is where it starts. Search the lines for what touches
Any heart, especially mine. Search the words, the syllables, the
Measure. Forgetting the smallest point and your work is lost. Understanding
The style of my work on the pattern you now study, is the key. She
Is beauty personified, delicate and refined, gorgeous and vivacious.
Try to awaken the two elegant words we hear when speaking of her. My
Love is but a synonym for those hidden letters. – Cease you striving!
It just will not matter how many consecutive times you see the letters.
You will not read the riddle, though you do the best you can do.



Elegant Dinnerblack white red rose

Stars above
The city spread below
The world spins around us
Her magic spins around me
Fire in her eyes
Passion through my pulse flies
I look down and feel like a god on high
I look across the table and feel the presence of greatness
A candle lights our world
A bottle of wine warms us
Her voice is the sweetest spring melody
The most heavenly summer harmony
Yet holds the erie beauty of a winter world
Her soft caress sends chills
Through every nerve in my body
And makes my very bones want to melt into her
Dizzy with excitement
Inflamed by desire
I can only be when I am with her



Infatuationpink roses candles

Eyes of diamond
Skin of silk
Hair of snowy white
Presence of a swan
Grace of a deer
Heart of a lover



Infatuation 2romantic couple in the rain

Ah, how I want thee
You are perfection personified in human body so fine
Even the goddess of beauty is envious of thine
A shyness that only makes you cuter
Eyes that have such darkness and depths
One cannot help be drawn into them
As if gazing into perfectly cut gems
Lips that have that little pouty twist to them
Beautiful even when your twenty four karat smile
Is not gracing those lovely petals
Your hair is the color of the earth itself
It does not hang but flows down to your shoulders
A frame in which your jewel of a face is set
You adorn my dreams of night
You decorate my dreams of day
Such elegance, such beauty
I only ask a kiss
To fulfill those dreams



Infatuation 3love cartoon hug

Hair like the rise of a morning sun on the first day of spring
Eyes akin to the biggest of stars brightening the sky on a summer’s night
Lips like rubies surrounding pearl teeth
Skin like the smoothest of Asian silks and the purest cream
Breasts heavy and full, rich like ripe melons, soft yet hard
Arms of a courtesan that weave like smoke in the wind
Hands supple as a swan’s wings
Taking off from a crystal clear pond into the clear blue sky
Legs so long, graceful and elegant, like tall flames, enticing me
You move as though water flowing
Never has anything with such a perfect beauty
Been created, real or imagined

Table of Contents


Part 3


Affection’s Demiseheart chocolates valentine

Empty of thought
Empty of emotion
Empty of life
Almost as death
What once was thought to be immortal
Has come to a crashing end
What was thought invulnerable
Has vanished utterly
She was to be mine forever
And I was to be hers
But alas, her heart has grown cold


A Final Farewellcouple hug happy

No words,
No good-byes
Only the sound
Of the tears in my eyes
And my heart breaking
As I depart
Leaving you forever
Never must you grieve for losing me
I grieve enough for both of us
And as I watch from above
I will protect you with mine love.
Strong be your heart, begin again,
but never forget me.




Boundless, exhilarating, full
Bright, with love, forever
My joy for you



Giftring heart book

Such song I have never before sung
Such praise I have never before given
Such faith I have never before bestowed
Such loyalty I have never before presented
Such love I never before knew I had in me to give
But I give all now to you, to use as you will



Her Eyeslove written on hands

Eyes of darkness,
A gaze of the deepest unknown
Of mystery and softness
Eyes of brightness
A gaze clear and sharp
Of joy with life and a undiminishable happiness
Eyes of shining darkness
A gaze of seductive promises
Of desire
Eyes of light
A gaze of humor, fun and love
Of hope and friendship
Eyes, how they hold me
Enraptured, captured
Truly, they are the jewels
Women will mercilessly use
To make men their willing slaves



Womenlove playing cards

Gorgeous creatures,
Every one of them.
Big or small,
Short or tall,
Has no fault as I can see,
And they are the world to me.



Perhapschampagne rose romantic

Perhaps I took your breath away
Perhaps I saw something in your eyes
Perhaps I’m only dreaming



My Love For Youlove romance couple water

It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before
It may not sound like much compared to all the pretty things you hear
But this is how I feel inside, about what I hold so dear
This is my heart and all the love in store



Lady NightPepe_le_Pew___C__est_l__amour_by_DarkuAngel

Scarlet Satin
Ebony Evening
Shimmering Reflections
Mistress Vitality



Loversromantic walk painting

Gentleman’s steps on a garden stone
Echo through a black night
Fountains splash, cool liquid refreshing
Like the wave that pours over the heart
As she is unveiled
By the sparkling reflections of a
Silver sphere cascading droplets of it’s
Radiance around her

Table of Contents

Part 4


Hey, Sparklescouple kiss

Hey, Sparkles.
Your eyes are doing it again.
Where a thousand tiny lights flicker and flash
And the room lights up
With the merriment found in your gaze.



Amazing Womanfingers hug love

Here lives a woman of legend.
A woman of wondrous beauty
And brilliant intelligence so rare
The world blooms in her presence
Nurtured pristine immaculate in her care.
Notorious in her wild passions,
Enraptured are all men in her visage.
To her, none may rival.



A Candle For Hermickey-valentine-candy

You light up the room when you enter it
Your eyes like stars ablaze
And glowing hearts we are left with
When you take your leave

Those who spurn your love
Burn in the fires of Hades’ wrath
But those who embrace it
Stay warm through an Arctic winter’s night

Your soul is of such radiance
And unmatched

On sad days all this may dim
The world may descend upon you
An oppressive black shroud

Keep this small token
A tiny reflection of thou
Let this small flame remind and rekindle
Your passion within

So that you might rise up once more
Bathing the Earth in wondrous joy
And awaken your soul
Regain the brilliance of the morning sun



Get Upcouple kissing beach

What did you do today?
Did you work real hard?
Or did you out and play?
Running through the hills
Through the fields of hay?
Did something happen to make you cry?
Or did a joyous heart keep heartache away?

Was today a summer’s haze?
Sweet and lazy?
Was tonight a mild night?
Or did you really go crazy?
Are you living life on the edge?
Feel the rush of life maybe?

Time flies by
Feel the music beat and reach for the sky
Never let dreams and sleeping dragons lie
Wake them up, be the passion and fly
And never will you have gone so high



Summer Raincouple kissing blue suit

It rains.
With warm, breathy softness.

The sea roils and crashes.
Waves thunder and roll uncountable miles.
Violet becomes black becomes white lightning
The frigid heart of the storm sweeps forward
Icy sheets slice the air to ribbons
And pierce the ocean

I am angry at the world,
Shouts the storm.
Let everything be destroyed and may there be
No beauty or happiness while I am enraged.

An island appears on the horizon
The sun pleasantly alights it.
Promising a return to more pleasant times



Her Smilecouple hugging love bed

Smiles are sunshine
Yours light up my world
Eyes are stars
Yours guide me through life
I bear your favour like
A lost man who has discovered a treasure
A treasure of glorious sensation
My heart bubbling with the essence of joy
You are my Helen of Troy.



A Christmas Cardcouple beach

Endless infatuation
With joy and happiness
Your timeless cheer
Intoxicates us all
With feelings so fine



Mi Artiste Favoritai heart u

Her magic hands create life itself
And her voice inspires the soul
With genius so wonderful and fine
She gives beautiful a brand new name
I’ve discovered a miracle



Jacketheart shaped islands

She sheds her black jacket
Like the day sheds the night
Now a flower embraced in red
Blooming in the morning light.



Her Wordslove couple kiss

Love ignites my soul
Her singing enchants
Crimson contentment

Table of Contents

Part 5



Where is the hand of any god?
Creation/stasis of the universe
I won’t settle for less than you, girl



Affection’s Farewellcouple kissing

I’m looking out my window
And I see nothing but blue in a bluer sky
The TV is on and the radio plays in the background
Outside the kids run in the street and every now and then
The telephone rings

But its all for naught because I can’t concentrate
On the world around me, I’m living in the past
My mind just keeps tumbling back into despair
There’s only one song playing in my head
Its about you and its about your
Affection’s farewell

I keep reading into every word you said
I keep wishing I had said something else
I keep wishing you had too
People say that a broken heart
Is the most painful wound and here I am
Breaking it a thousand times a day
Thinking about your
Affection’s farewell

You said your heart just wasn’t in it any more
But I couldn’t understand the concept
If you had shown me another guy
If I had done something wrong
I could see your point of view
I burned for you
I sit here aching to hold you in my arms again
The feel of your lips still presses against mine
And the feel of your hips, I’ve memorized the rhythm

But I can’t see why you just threw me away
Once, you told me you’d be there forever
Now, you brush me away with disinterest
Then with annoyance and even disgust
As I hopelessly try to question you
Like I question myself untold ways

What is it about me?
What do I do that is now so wrong?
I’m beginning to think that there is truly
Something about me that is truly awful
And I can’t let that happen
You shattered my self confidence and
Made me lose faith in myself
I can’t accept that

No, the problem is not with me
You walked away, not I
The difference must be with you
If you can’t handle me anymore, then tough
I don’t want to spend my time wasting it
With someone who doesn’t love me

My sadness consumed me
Then my anger devoured that
Now there is nothing left
Once I loved you, then I resented you
It confused and hurt me when I felt your
Unreasonable, fickle, unwarranted
Affection’s farewell

Soon, I will feel nothing for you



Blossomsswans touching heads

Two pretty girls
Sitting in a tree
Many handsome men
Thinking of thee

Dangle your legs
Wind in hair
Teasing those below
With faces so fair



Leave Mesuperman wonder woman kissing

No longer will I suffer your lies
Its time we said our good-byes
Your eyes, I’ve tried, I see no remorse
There can be no further discourse
Because I don’t want to listen anymore
To the false lechery of a whore

Take your money-grubbing hands
And the emotions you tricked me into feeling
When I shouldn’t have bothered
I don’t want them anymore
They’re not worth a penny anymore

Your heart is empty, no soul
For which the bells of a heaven toll
Only a body, a seductive shell
That mired me into burning hell
You begged for my love and spent it on toys
It was a bad choice

Now you will be left bare
Your fair share
Without even realizing what you’ve really lost
A chance to share love the real cost
Find another with games to play
I just want you to go away



Mistress Minecouple kissing bed

She dances though my dreams
On the winds of desire
Her passionate gaze consumes me
Her kisses like wild fire
There are only the two only of us
Soaring amid the clouds
Her cheeks delicately caress my face
Makes my heart quiver
Tender lips embrace
Tongues entwine
Each other’s souls we taste



A Beautiful Datelove cartoon

I moved around you seven times
While the world spun the opposite direction
The music played the strings of desire
The melody sweet with a lover’s inflection

I watched twilight dance in your violet eyes
Felt the excitement in your long long thighs
We held each other’s hands
And lifted our souls to drift in the evening breeze
Like grains of sand caught in the tide of the seas

My thoughts swam with the softness of your lips
Swaying gently with the rhythm of your hips
The setting sun set your skin ablaze until
There was nothing my heart couldn’t believe in
Nothing in my dreams you didn’t fulfill



Good Morning Heartachecouple kissing

You’re like an old friend
Come to see me again
As the days went by
I thought I’d leave you behind
But the pain seems there to stay
No matter how hard I want to push it away
I get on the bus to ride to work
The day so gray and bleak
I see in the shadows depression lurk
The clouds blanket me softly
I find cold comfort in them hiding me
In my cowardice, shirking the world
Scared of feelings exposed
If I should ever again leave my heart unfurled
Her lack of faith tore at my heart
Her distrust bled it apart
When she laid bewitching hands on other men
I felt knives in my back times ten
Now I can’t look at any girl but see
Misplaced anger and future heartache for me
I can’t help but doubt the goodness of all women now
But early one bright morning I made this vow
I would shed this nonsensical hopeless despair
Realize that time spent on her was worthless
Leap into life with former brilliant flair
So now I’ve found my true heart and made things right
I guess it’s time, heartache, that I say goodnight



Delusionsdisney ariel kissing prince

When men encounter women
When women encounter men
Sometimes there is no romance
You’ve just found your best friend
Hearts here are flung
Relationships hastily embarked upon
The folly of the young
More common in hearts
Where tragedy has not made the soul cold

I found in her a comrade with familiar thought
Let desire swell within
Woke up one morning to revelation
It was plain to see that she
Would never feel the same
I’m too small, too weak, hardly half a man
Can’t draw her heart, I’m far too lame

When two arms wrap around her slender form
They must be firm and strong
Able to fend off fears and shield
My meager limbs are wrong

She went from friend to dream
I stood by pretending no change
Her heart plain, mine carefully clouded
Never let on where it began to range

Held out for hope’s sake
Maybe she’d come around my way
Shouldn’t have set myself up for heartache
She met a new lover yesterday

Nothing left for me but pain and sorrow
Even lost my friend
She’s too entranced too even talk with me
Our time together has come to an end

I began this adventure alone
She brought fleeting bliss
She’s gone, we’ve traveled full circle
It’s happiness, the friendship, I’m going to miss

Then one day we met
We reposed in the soft shadow
Of  a great beach tree
When she sang a short chorus
I said her voice was so beautiful to me

You’ve mentioned that before, actually
Said she with a clear blue gaze
It took a moment to reply
Seeing two diamonds glitter
In their smooth porcelain case

Excuse me, I don’t mean to embarrass
My apology so went
But it stirred the strings in my heart
I like the music of your voice
Like I enjoy the notes of a song bird
I like the way the light reflects
Off your long blond locks and tresses
Making the room and my gray day
So much the brighter

The way you move when you walk
Makes my soul sway in rhythm
The way your lips bloom for me
Entice me for a forbidden taste

You shouldn’t say such, said she
For you know of the man in my life

Yes I know of he, why could it not have been me?
We’ve been best of friends longer
Than you’ve known your lover

He told me just this morning he loved me
She carried on without conviction
Her eyes would no longer meet mine

I placed a hand on her cheek and turned her head
Giving her a window to my deepest being
Let her fingers probe the tenderness within
Uncloaking my emotions

Truth is an epic journey of two paths
One leads the heart to euphoria
The darker to damnation and despair
Those who risk their sanity should take great care
When you gamble with dispensing the delusions
That hide your true love
When the awful truth tears the heart asunder
As she tells you her heart belongs to another

I knew as I said the words:
I have loved you always, with my life’s essence
Since the first time you told me your name
I knew if she refused me
I would forever break

But she smiled
Her eyes became more brilliant
My heart cried with joy



Exoticlove threesome

A dark embracing pool are your eyes
Mystery dancing
Shadows play with forever
Silk tendrils of your soul
Seek out mine
Music in a tender lilt
The voice of Nihon’s daughter
Let’s me drift without aim
On the wings of desire and bliss
Drawn through you
By the tides of your heart
Your love the shining star
Guiding this journey
Your embrace the tender moon
Gently alight in the valley of passions
All this I feel when meeting your gaze
Undertaking the voyage
Of your Japanese eyes



That Girlcouple beach sunset

She’s an ocean breeze on a star swept night
Ephemeral effervescent sparkling light
Heart so tender and soul so intensely deep
Angels jealous on high, weep
Gifts of Athena and Andromeda does she possess
Lush touch of Demeter, a woman of whom men are obsessed
The intricacies and power of her thoughts descried
Where strength, determination and beauty reside
Artists and heroes agree and declare
Spirited enchantresses like her are rare
Proud am I to know a lady so fair

Table of Contents


Part 6


Winter Herolove cartoon

Fall has past and the snow is already deep
Winter no longer a whisper
Coming over the horizon
His ancient voice growing a swift creep
Beside the crackling fire I watch the snow flakes fall
Outside a window frosty
Fogged with my breath
Lonely sign of life fades away unnoticed by all
Heart as empty and chilled as the sky
Questions asked softly
Left always unanswered
Sitting here forgotten and alone, Why?
A single wish has always my heart haunted
To know with the deepest understanding
A woman who can’t live without me
To be a hero is all I’ve ever wanted



Your Eyescouple beach sunset

As both a poet and a man I find your eyes inspiring
They are not like those of the girls where I’m from
Girls who are all blond locks and clear blue gaze
Women no more than empty, effervescent shells
You are so different than they
Sometimes there is a soft innocence and your eyes caress
Other times they have a glint and twinkle
Sparkling over a sly smile that leaves me guessing
Eyes so warm and supple, mysterious and exotic
The spirit of Asia, burning passions of Hong Kong
They are inviting and enchanting
When into them I peer, feeling my soul drawn swiftly away
Captured willingly with sweet embrace
I never tire of a silent stare with you
You hold me as only you can do



To Live Againlove teddy bear

I had forgotten
What life really was
With the passing of my youth
As if all the colors in the rainbow
Faded into black and white
Tragedy in one so young
But then I met her,
And everything changed
I can feel the warmth of the sun
Even on a cold winter’s day
The scents of the garden are
Vivacious again
And I can hear every intimacy
Of the world around me
The rainbow again appears for me
I no longer crave unconsciousness
I long to wake so that I may see
Dawn wash over her face
Wrap my arms around her
And pull her close, kissing
Her eyes openAnd I rejoice with
Incredible ardor and excitement
When I see her smile
Because the first thing she sees
Is me



Fall, In Lovetwo roses rings proposal

How deep doth cooling rivers flow
Sparkling in fall’s golden lights
Soft summer’s breath
Relinquishes it’s heat
A hint of change tickles the leaves
Your sleepy eyes and sleepy smile
My hand at rest upon your cheek
Around us the remnants of a feast
Glasses emptied and stomachs full
Seasons turn and few things last
Yet here love lies flourishing
Nestled close between us
In our warm embrace



Merry Christmas, My Lovepepe-le-pew bouquet flowers

I love looking into your eyes.
I love being the recipient of your smile,
Even more than I love being the cause.
I love the way your fingers brush my skin,
And the way your lips feel like the silkiest crushed rose petals.
The best part of my day is always with you.
It’s the opportunity to share something with you,
The excitement racing through me uncontrollably,
The feeling that I must – must – tell you something, give you something.
A thought, a joke, a sight or sound, a taste, a feeling.
It’s waking up to you. It’s looking forward all morning to lunch with you.
It’s every moment in each other’s arms.
Even if we aren’t together,
I love just thinking about you, letting long hours crawl by,
Imagining us together.
I love filling my head with the song of your voice,
The heady memories of your sex,
The timeless peace of your friendship as we hold hands,
Your bubbling laughter and silliness.
And when the days come when I know we will meet,
I feel like a little boy waiting for Christmas morning,
Twitching and bouncing around,
Unable to wait to open his present.
Pretty grand considering I have received that same present so many times before,
Yet, I never get tired of it, never one breath of anticipation less than before.
Because I know how valuable it is,
And I appreciate every day I have the honor and pleasure
To receive it again.

You are my happiness.
You are my love.
When I look into the mirror,
I imagine that I can see into my chest, a chest bursting with emotions.

I see my heart,
And fancy that I can see a miniature version of you
Curled all around it, cradling my heart in your hands
Gazing down at it lovingly
Cherishing it.
While I might put other loved ones inside my heart,
You’re the only one I have given my heart to hold.

Pretty little expectations aside,
Heartache and longing notwithstanding,
We did, after all, reach another holiday season together
And I think that’s a wonderful reason to celebrate.

Thank you.
For all that you are, that you have done, and that will be.
I love you.
Merry Christmas



The Beautiful Photographessslawa sexy photographer

Sunny dreams of golden hair agleam and skin like cream
Lustful thoughts of luscious lady curves unbound
When she doth inspire my desire with her art
And her heavenly hills capture my heart

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