(If it’s too distracting with vocals while you read, play it after. Because it’s beautiful. Just like you.)

Lovers hands


Life is a long, lonely journey punctuated by all-too-brief interludes of something more precious than we might realize: other people. Life has a lot to celebrate on its own, but it is the company of those special to us that give life its brilliant colours, beautiful sounds and exquisite flavours. Life is simply better when shared.

How sweet it is to share a funny story with our friends. How lovely it is to share a beautiful sunset with a lover’s arm around us. Everything becomes sweeter and more exciting when we get to share it with people we like and respect and care about. They are what make life worth living.

Sometimes we get lucky. More than lucky, it’s enough to almost believe in fate or divine intervention. There are those unique, rare, breathtaking instances when someone comes along who is – more.soulmates-on-fire


Sometimes we feel like the world is against us. We get beaten down by the competition and selfishness of others. A stranger carelessly getting in our way, another petty person at the office saying bad things behind our backs. Or it feels like everyone else is happy and winning at life, but not us. Soulmates give us the strength to stand up and try again, to endure, to fight back. They help us believe that our success is still possible.

Sometimes we feel worthless. We can’t seem to do anything right. Everything seems to go wrong no matter how hard we try. It’s one failure after another, one more stroke of bad luck in a seemingly endless string of ill fortune. Soulmates give us reason to believe in ourselves and feel like we’re worth success, that we even deserve it. Their support gives us reason to hope.

Sometimes we stop loving ourselves. It feels like no-one out there cares about us. We turn on ourselves, hate ourselves, blame ourselves, convince ourselves that we’re losers and deserve the worst that life can throw our way. When we feel most alone and helpless, when we have given up on ourselves, it the enduring, immutable, constant love of our soulmates that encourages us to love ourselves again. They never give up on us, no matter what.

But all of that is only what we receive. Soulmates also do something even more magical. They inspire us to become better people. They inspire us to give, to help, to sacrifice – to love.

They give us someone worth sharing every funny story and every beautiful sunset with. They give us someone worth helping when they feel down and we want to help. They give us someone to support when life gets hard and we want to support them. They give us someone to love with every fibre of our being, giving us noble purpose and fulfillment, and we want to love them.

They are the best of friends, connecting with us on levels beyond all others. They are also the most intimate of lovers, bringing forth passions within us that we never before knew existed. We feel safe with them. We fear no embarrassment. We feel absolutely free to be who we really are with them because we know that they accept us more fully than anyone else does. They are the perfect partner, complimenting us, raising us higher, inspiring us. And when life is shared with them, the experience ascends to a level more sublime and heavenly.

Some of us may never meet a soulmate. But I did.

It is because of you that I have grown so much more than I ever thought I would. You give me reason to. You give me reason to try harder. You give me reason to love more deeply. You give me reason to be more patient, to learn to listen, to care more, to really understand someone else. You give me true partnership, so that I will never be alone as long as I have you in my life.

You’re the reason why I know I can endure anything. Because I would endure anything for you.

You’re the reason why I never lose hope. Because you give me reason to hope for so many things.

You’re the reason why I believe in myself. Because you are beautiful and incredible in so many ways and if someone like you believes in me, then I can too.

You’ve taught me so much about myself. About relationships. About life. About love. I have become the person I am today because of you.

You’re the reason why I believe in soulmates.

And you’re the reason I want to be good enough to be yours.




Really Slow Motion: One More Time

The memories of you will always be
engraved within my heart.
It’s hard to say goodbye,
there’s only one last dream we left behind.
I’ll give you all my life and soul,
please hold me one more time.
Don’t be afraid to come with me
across the waves of time.

Find me in the night,
touch me with your soul,
hold me in your arms,
don’t let go.
Kiss me in the rain,
steal my breath away,
close your eyes and dream one more time.
Whisper to the stars,
sing this song for me,
let the ocean rise upon us,
come and fly away with me
to the rising light,
close your eyes and dream
one more time,
one more time with you.

Everywhere you’ll be, I’ll be there for you.