Tales of adventure in a new world.


We several different stories throughout magical Astoria that eventually weave together around grand, world-shaping events.

The Merchant Who Would be King

Sick of his life and struggling to get by as wealth inequality spirals out of control around him, Hadiin is transported to a new world. This one has a magical system that can grant you classes.

He longs for a new challenge. Undead butler? Mimic chest? Ghost? Hmm…

How about playing a merchant?

This is appealing. The gold, the glory of riches. Why spend your days crawling dungeons for coin when you can make the coin come to you instead? 

Then it occurs to him that, with enough money, he might be able to do something that no regular adventurer in the game ever has — become a king. 

Yes, it’s time to stop working for gold and time to make the gold work for him. And enjoy all the luxurious pleasures it can provide. 

Greed is good.

Love & Glory

Two university students. Ai Kireina, from Japan, has a deep passion for music. Yeong Gwang, from Korea, practices archery.

They meet one Spring day under the cherry blossoms of Kyoto’s famous Philosopher’s Walk. Hearts flutter.

But before anything can happen, the two are spirited away to another world—Astoria. They need to figure out what happened and what to do next.

It won’t be easy. Ai is deaf. And Yeong is in a wheelchair. They’re going to need each other to survive.

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