World of Fantasy

For two decades, an RPG reigned supreme as the global king of MMOs. Then years of scandals and lawsuits, increasing microtransactions, retconning and nonsensical lore, and multiple progression-system changes, caused once-loyal players to form dissatisfied alliances and to leave in hordes, putting the developers on the edge of financial ruin. Now, NOVisionWizard is back to right all wrongs and to lead the gaming world again with their new, full-dive MMO. 

World of Fantasy: Golden Impact!

It’s the comback of the new century for gaming company and tech giant NOVisionWizard. Via a mix of bribery and nostaligia, they’ve managed to entice a million players into the epic new game they’ve developed. Beta testers raved good things and everyone is on the edge of their seat to find out whether this company has really made up for the past and delivered a game that will take players into a new golden age of MMORPGs. 

For Quill, Jane, and many others, diving into Golden Impact is about more than a fun new role playing game with action and magic, it’s personal. And they’re about to experience a whole lot more than anyone ever expected.

Join them in Stormstadt for the opening ceremony!

About the Series

gamelit, fantasy, adventure, romance, mmorpg

This story universe occassionally takes aim at some of the widespread criticisms of certain popular MMO games and gachas, as well as recent developments in the gaming world. It explores elements we all love, and those we hate.

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